Real-time Audio to Midi Converter

I made this after a Max MSP course I took at HfMT Cologne from Dr Chikashi Miyama

These Max MSP patches are able to pitch track monophonic audio signals and converting them into midi data.

Simple use: play saxophone/trumpet/voice/single-something and use it to control any midi-capable software or hardware Synth.

download here:

Audio_To_Midi INPUT
Audio_To_Midi OUTPUT

REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi_Converter INPUT

you need sigmund~
to make this work!!!

you need the REALTIME Audio To Midi Converter OUPUT
to make this work!!!

Put Audio in, get Midi Out
(With velocity and experimental PitchBend)

a little twitchy but who cares, it’s experimental 😉
not really stable yet!!!

Put the REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi INPUT Patch on a monophonic Audio Track or Input you’d like to get as Midi-Stream.
Put the REALTIME_Audio_To_Midi OUPUT Patch on a Midi Track and the Synth/Sampler or Hardware you want to use, behind it.

I recommend experimenting with the Arpeggiatior/Chords/Velocity Midi Devices of Ableton.