Crossing — Bobby Rausch

For the music video of the song “Crossing” by the band “BOBBY RAUSCH”, I used the game engine Unity in conjunction with the “SOUNDVISION” toolset. 3D scans of the band members were deformed and illuminated with a virtual video projection of the band.

Official Music Video

/// Music by Bobby Rausch  / bobbyrauschberlin    / bobbyrauschofficial  

Camera: Mathias Niepenberg

VFX and Animation: Max Schweder

Oleg Hollmann – Baritone Sax

Jürgen Meyer – Drums

Lutz Streun – Bass Clarinet

Recording: Tilman Hopf

Mixing: Tilman Hopf

Mastering: Beat Halberschmidt

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from federal government commissioner for culture and media.

© 2021 by Bobby Rausch. ℗ 2021 by Ninety Days Records