space in place

Doing music in home office for a dance performance in another country in 2011!

During my last months in Arnhem (NL) in 2011 I did a collaboration with dancer and Choreographer Barbara Ebner. Looking back, it was a rather prophetic piece because we did it remotely. Barbara went to Israel and worked with dancers there, while I remained in the Netherlands and made the music in real-time remotely for the show. We had a 10sec time delay, because we were using a radio-streaming workflow I had discovered back them. It was fascinating for me to work like this.

space in place from Barbara Ebner on Vimeo.

Dance piece created in the frame of 4 weeks alumni exchange

ArtEZ Dance Academy_Arnhem, Netherlands –
Seminar Kibbutzim school of the arts of dance_Tel Aviv, Israel

choreography_Barbara Ebner
music composition & live streaming performance_Max Schweder

dance_Shira Eviatar_Elinior Indich_Daniella Kaufman_Roni Lebel_Yasmin Werner_Nir Vidan