The Fact of Rain – Bobby Rausch

I created an audio reactive visual of the song The Fact Of Rain by Bobby Rausch with a custom particle system using TouchDesigner.

Youtube compression goes to its knees with this one though. Try to watch it in 4k if you can.

Official Video of The Fact Of Rain

/// Music by Bobby Rausch  / bobbyrauschb.  .   / bobbyrausch.  .

VFX and Animation: Max Schweder

Oleg Hollmann – Baritone Sax
Jürgen Meyer – Drums
Lutz Streun – Bass Clarinet

Recording: Tilman Hopf
Mixing: Tilman Hopf
Mastering: Dennis Kern

© 2023 by Bobby Rausch. ℗ 2023 by Ninety Days Records