eg goymi meg – Tóra Tiger

I had the honor of working with the faroese singer-songwriter Tóra Zachariasen from Newcastle (England)  on this track using a lot of tape-loops on a studer two-track for this Song.

Strange Attractor · eg goymi meg

eg goymi meg – Tóra Zachariasen

Composition/(Faroese-) Lyrics – Tóra Zachariasen
Production/Recording/Sounds – Max Schweder

Violoncello – Rachel Hales
Harmonium – Tóra Zachariasen / Jono Podmore
Piano – Tóra Zachariasen
Weird Sounds – Studer Tape-machine

Recorded 8.-10.12.2012 at University of Newcastle, England

Mixed 17.02.2013 at HfMT Köln, Germany by Max Schweder under the professional supervision of Jono Podmore
Part of my Study, Master of Music Production at HfMT Köln