“Guarani” by Gabriel Pérez

In 2013 I was lucky to partake in the recording of the Album “Guarani” by Gabriel Pérez on which other artists like Chris Potter (Sax), Luciano Biondini (Accordion), Afra Mussawisade (Perc) or Martín Bruhn (Perc) were featured.

All Music composed by Gabriel Pérez , recorded at Hansahaus-Studios

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“GUARANI- Música Argentina para Big Band y Orquesta de Cámara” has its roots in the music indigenous to the natives of South America. In his interpretation, Gabriel Pérez traces this pre-columbian culture and transforms its soul into music. It tells the story of two legends handed down by the Guaraní Indians who traditionally cultivated a strong connection to nature. The legends are woven around “irupé”, an imposing water lily, and the maté shrub, also known as the “green gold of the Indios”. This tee-like beverage is shared amongst friends and family and is a sign of courtesy and hospitality. The SoundTrip Orchestra is made up of 25 musicians who capture contemporary European and multicultural influences and convey them in their most pure musical form. The contact with these talented musicians was established in 2008 when Gabriel Pérez was appointed to the management team of the JugendJazzOrchester NRW by Managing Director Thomas Haberkamp. Here he is able to both fulfill his task and pursue his interest in inter-cultural music development with young musicians. This project represents one of Gabriel’s passionate works, which was driven by his high level of personal committment. In addition to the chamber orchestra, four outstanding soloists, Chris Potter, Luciano Biondini, Afra Mussawisade and Martín Bruhn, accepted Gabriel Pérez’s invitation to participate in this debut album.

Chris Potter saxophone
Luciano Biondini accordion
Afra Mussawisade percussion
Martín Bruhn percussion voice
Sabeth Pérez voice
Reeds Pascal Bartoszak / Max Schweder / Lennart Allkemper / Marc Doffey /Nils Wrasse
Tps Lorenzo Ludemann / Maximilian Seibert / Christian Mehler / Konstantin Döben / Martin Berner / Karsten Müller
Tbs Sebastian Stanko / Tobias Link / Carla Köllner / Adrian Prost / Patrick Embgenbroich

Piano Jakob Lüffe / Sven Kirsten
Acoustic Guitar Alexander Wünsche

Acoustic Bass Lukas Lüffe / Caris Hermes
Drums Niklas Walter / Frederik Villmow
Percussion Afra Mussawisade / Minino Garay
Violins Anna Rubanez / Maria Meures / Jonas Rölleke / Georg Sarkisjan / Sarah Zabel / Lilian Jung
Violas Gereon Onnebrink / Sebastian Reimann / Alexander Kiss
Cellos Maximilian Stiefermann / Thomas Walter
Basses Maike Stumpf / Winfried Holzenkamp
Harp Fabiana Trani
Flute, piccolo Lisa Korfmacher
Oboe, english horn Detlef Groß
Saxophon, clarinets, flute, oboe Gabriel Pérez
Basson Robert Muschaweck
Horn Isabelle van de Wiele
Trumpet Frank Wiesen
Trombone David Horler
Bass trombone, tuba Wolf Schenk
Classic percussion Norbert Krämer

Conductor, compositions & arrangements Gabriel Pérez
Produced by Gabriel Pérez