Lioness – CYLVESTER Remix

In 2019 Tobias Hartmann and I produced the Music-Video for our Remix of Lioness for Oh Sleep. For this project, Alex Rechberg (aka. Plex Noir) introduced me to

Laser Video with CYLVESTER ++ Plex Noir ++ Fabian Klein

Lioness – Oh Sleep (CYLVESTER Remix 2019)

Written and Produced by CYLVESTER Mastering – Daniel Karelly (aka. Affe Maria)

Cover Artwork — Bruno Bauch

Video Concept and Idea — CYLVESTER & Fabian Klein

DOP Cut and Edit — Fabian Klein

Laser Setup and Operation — Alexander Rechberg (Plex Noir)

Lioness — Oh Sleep written by Florian Sczesny produced by David Maria Trapp at Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios mastered by Alex Kloss © CYLVESTER 2019

The entire control system for the laser was written by Plex Noir and Pandur of cables, so that I could build my visualizer with it: