Conception and production of the real-time visualization for the music video in collaboration with DOP Fabian Klein and Tobias Hartmann.
The live visuals were created with the self-developed visualization system
visualization system CYLVESTERmachine.

The music was produced and performed in real-time on the non-computer-setup that can be seen in the video.

This is a LIVE recording of a CYLVESTER dawless performance.
The visuals were generated in real-time with our software CYLvision during the recording.

Live 3D Kinect Visuals – CYLvision
Software programmed by Chikashi Miyama and CYLVESTER

Tobias Hartmann & Max Schweder
Chikashi Miyama
Miu-Wah Lok aka. hyra.chi

DOP – Fabian Klein
Director – Simon Dolensky
Gimbal Operator – Felix Tonnat
Camera Assistance – Johannes Schmülling

Location and Mixing
Shot at Tanzfaktur (Cologne)
Mixed at Energiekreis Zuckerhut (Bonn)
Mixed by Max Schweder and Tobias Hartmann
Mastered at Skyline Tonfabrik by Kai Blankenberg

Supported by
Kulturamt der Stadt Köln

GearPorn for Nerds like us:

X32 Compact by Behringer – Mixer and Program Changes
MPC 1000 with JJOS2XL – Clock, Midi, Program Changes, and Samples
Analog Rytm – Drum Machine
Axoloti – Midi Conversion between MPC and Elektron Gear and X32
Eventide Space – Reverb
KAOSS Pad 3 – Crazy-Shit
Prophet 08 – Synth
Korg Nano Kontrol 2 – Additional Controls
Nord Wave – Synth
Octatrack – Midi and Samples
Dave Smith Evolver – Synth
Boss Space Echo – Delay
BigSky – Moooore Reverb
Fun Fact:
No Ableton Live was harmed during the making of this song.

Cover-Art by Bruno Bauch