The Little Prince

In 2019 I went to Greece with the Un-Label performing arts company for a month to work on the music for this inclusive and mixed-abled performance of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

In the end, the entire piece was done for a quadrophonic setup and included the entire sound design as well as original music. Because of some interesting inclusive production learnings, we also ended up playing all lines of the Little Prince actor from tape. The Ableton Session amounted to something around 250 cues.

Trailer The Little Prince from Un-Label on Vimeo.

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The Little Prince is an accessible, mixed-genre performance inspired by the well-known novella written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It tells the story of an adult who meets his inner child through the appearance of a little prince. The story is full of humanistic values and has been passed on from generation to generation for more than 75 years.
The production brings the world-famous story to life in a completely accessible way, using a mixture of spoken word, dance and visuals. The international performers with and without disabilities invite you to look at the world through your heart and to reconnect with your inner child.

Type of Show: Mixed-genre Performance

Duration: 60 Minutes
Age Rating: 12+
Spoken Language: English
Subtitles available in: English, German, Italian, Greek, Armenian

Concept & Direction: Vahan Badalyan (AM) – Text: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – Performers & Dancers: Tamara Aydinyan (AM), Aristide Rontini (IT), Guiseppe Comuniello (IT), Torben Schug (DE) – Voice of The Little Prince: Ashot Marabyan (AM) – Music & Sound Composition: Maximilian Schweder (DE) – Visuals: Tim Stadie (DE) – Captioning & Visuals: Maria Wünsche (DE) – Greek Translation: Dimitra Zacharouli (GR) – Costume & Stage Design: Sarah Haas (DE) – Light Design: Christian Herbert – Outside Eye Choreographers: Athina Manoli (GR) & Wagner Moreira (DE) – International Sign Language Advisor: Rafael Grombelka (DE) – Advisors for the Visually Impaired Audience: Franziska Wilke & Andrea Eberl (DE) – Creative Producer: Lisette Reuter (DE)


Multiple artistic tools make the performance fully accessible. A quadrophonic sound setup and vibrating benches enable the audience to experience music in an alternative way. Subtitles in different languages are fully integrated into the visuals and the set design, various scents and smells connect the scenes with the audience’s emotions and memories.
A touch tour in a dark room will be held before the show. Here, in complete darkness, you can touch all the props and costumes used in the performance and experience the fabrics and materials they are made of. This multitude of creative approaches to accessibility makes the Little Prince a colourful, emotional and inspiring journey for the entire family.